Pick-your-own blueberries

Opening July 18th

Pick-your-own begins Monday, July 18th and should continue until late August. Call ahead of time for current information about availability.

We charge $3.50/lb for berries that you pick.

We also offer frozen blueberries from this year's crop for $4.50/lb (great for pies & smoothies!).

Berry Types & Services

We have large berry bushes (like bluecrop, bluetta, duke) but also smaller varieties that have higher pectin content and are great for baking.

We provide buckets, both adult and kid sized, and offer containers for you to bring your harvest home, if needed.

Produce & preserves from our berry patches & gardens will be available at our stand throughout the summer.

You can find us selling berries and preserves at local farmer's markets throughout the summer, too.